Tag metadata scraper for Gazelle/JRiver

Hi all.

I’ve used JRiver Media Center for a long time as I think it’s the best media player out there with a lot of options for customization and a solid interface but primarily because of its advanced library management features. (see https://www.jriver.com/)

I’m a developer and hacked together a python script that gets tag metadata from redacted (or anything gazelle powered) for albums that you have and writes them to the genre field. JRiver has a nice API for this that I wrote a basic python library for interacting with.

I’m curious if anyone has interest in such a thing? I’d be happy to clean it up and share it. If other media players have an API for library queries and tag writing it could be easily extended to support them. In theory, it could also be extended to grab other metadata but I haven’t needed that.

Example image:

I’ve found the video streaming glitchy (if that’s important to you) but I have friends that have had absolutely no problems — probably doesn’t help I run linux.

It’s just plex has been fucking up for a few months now and it seems emby doesn’t yet have the ability to play on my seagate NAS. so it’s either get a new NAS (which i do need) or try something else.

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