The Medusa virus that can turn cells into stone

Japanese scientists have actually found a brand-new infection that can transform its host right into a rock, like the mythical personality Medusa.

The excellent component is that it just impacts amoebae, according to the research study released in the Journal of Virology, carried out by scientists at Kyoto University as well as Tokyo University of Science in Japan. The Medusa infection was uncovered in the dirty waters of a thermal springtime in Japan. It comes from a team of gigantic infections – in this team, the genomes of infections are large.

The Medusa infection contaminates the unicellular microorganisms Acanthamoeba castellanii – a sort of amoeba. When researchers contaminated the amoeba in the laboratory, they discovered that the infection created a thick external crust around the amoeba as well as the amoeba to go into a hibernation state (the amoeba enters this state in reaction to ecological stress and anxiety). The actions advised the scientists of the mythical beast Medusa, that had a head filled with serpents and also might transform individuals right into rock with her basic eyes.

Comparable to the head filled with serpents in Greek folklore, the Medusa infection is covered by 2,600 spikes with a round head. The scientists think the infection is various sufficient from the various other huge infections to be categorized right into a brand-new family members, which could be called Medusaviridae.

Surprisingly, several of the genetics in the Medusa infection were additionally discovered in its amoeba hosts. This has actually led researchers in conclusion that the infection has actually contaminated amoebae in old times which both bacteria traded genetics over countless years of advancement. “The Medusa infection is an one-of-a-kind titan infection that still preserves the old finger prints of transformative host-virus communications,” the scientists claimed.

Next off, the Japanese research study group wishes to research the Medusa infection carefully, really hoping that they will certainly uncover much more regarding the background of its advancement.

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